Introducing Ender Bot,
the only bot
you'll ever need.

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Why use Ender?

We create our features with love so you can feel the love too! Here are a few examples...

The Bank of Ender

Become a banker with our economy system, check your balance, work and earn money, commit crimes, and much more!


Keep your server safe and secure with our moderation commands, ban, kick, mute and purge messages in a breeze.

Fun & Games

And don't forget the magic 8ball, random cat and pug images, and Hypixel data.

Advanced Dashboard

A dashboard for all your tweaking and editing needs. View statistics, edit bot settings and change feature options.

User Profiles

Setup and view your own profile inside our bot, or online.


Listen to music in your server with ease. No fuss, no worries.

Latest News

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17th March 2019

Introducing PewDiePie for Rewards

Yes. You heard me, if you subscribe to PewDiePie through our site, you will receive $20,000 into your Bank of Ender account.

80k members

13th March 2019

Thanks for 80k Members

Thank you so much for 80 thousand members, it means a lot to me and the other people that help me develop Ender Bot. Currently, I'm doing this for free, no money nothing. But maybe in the future I'll create a Patreon page. And again, thank you, it means a lot to me.

Open Source

10th March 2019

Ender is now open-source

Ender is now open-source, this means you can check out the behind the scenes stuff and how I run over on my GitHub Repository!